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    If you are willing to improve your health status by using knowledge and tools of primary prevention and you need a guide for your upcoming health journey - send my an email!

    (Re-)Discover your inner wisdom and attune with your nature.
    At OlaOrenda you will receive and learn a holistic method to find the health solutions or improvements you are looking for.

    Listen to your intuition that something needs to change. Do you feel it? You already decided to start?
    Trust your inner voice and follow the path through your life.

    I will guide you on your journey from the point now where you feel something needs to change regarding your physical, mental and/or emotional health to your personally created way into a healthier future.

    Be my guest at OlaOrenda and I invite you to create your change. 

    I assist and empower you to reconnect to yourself and to nature to create a profound and sustainable behavioural beneficial life change.

    Do you need helpful answers and practical solutions?
    Our screenings, workshops and retreats will help and support you to measure important lifestyle markers and pose the right questions to find your own right answers.

    Find a peaceful and open space aside your daily life to care for yourself on a deeper level. Take your time and rearrange what is due - maybe for a long time already. I will be by your side. Step by step.

    At OlaOrenda I help you understand yourself and the underlaying structures of life.

    Find vitality, joy and lightness again. Let's start this journey together.

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  • Primary prevention aims to promote and maintain good health over your lifetime and to prevent the development of diseases as much as possible. Measures of primary prevention are i.a. Education, training and information on all aspects that are relevant for your health - body, mind, relation & nature.

    To create a long-term healthy lifestyle health risk factors should be avoided.

    Ideally, primary prevention should be integrated into ones lifestyle as early as possible in life - nevertheless it makes sense at every stage of life to maintain the quality of life as long as possible even in old age.


    OLAORENDA trains people in the topics of personal health and primary prevention.


    OLAORENDA empowers people to help themselves to maintain or regain their own health.



    To be open to you with all your qualities.


    To give you space to unfold, to change and to be.


    To give you the opportunity to dare yourself and to try new things. Again and again.


    To meet you as yourself - aside your various private and business roles. Nobody is perfect.